Conti and Mourinho only

Conti and Mourinho only a few yards apart, Stamford Bridge stands the deafening shout „Conti Viktor Stalberg Jersey, Conti“, although only a few seconds, but apparently blue bridge fans have turned Mourinho this one page. The Italians took the 10th place in the Premier League to take the title, and the mess he took over a year ago was due to the ineffectiveness of Mourinho’s lead in the beginning of the season Anthony Bitetto Jersey. In the eyes of fans, Conti is still Blue Bridge hero. For the past six years, Emenalo has headed most of Chelsea’s signings and cleaning efforts and when he left Chelsea Colton Sissons Jersey, he issued a statement, „It was a tough decision, but I believe This is a right decision for me and my family and I am fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented people of the sport and I am very proud of what we have achieved Shea Weber Jersey. In this season’s Champions League, C Lo’s state is still very good, the current 4 scored 6 goals in the Champions League striker standings lead. However, in the La Liga match, the Portuguese star was extremely depressed, after the suspension, he played seven league games, but only scored a goal, but Messi has scored 12 goals in the season start, the king of Real Madrid lost At the starting line, such a story surprising.

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