Conti vaguely said

Conti vaguely said: „Louis must know how to team up with his teammates or he will stay on the bench for a long time or on the stands Colin Wilson Jersey.I do not know what will happen to Louis in the future, and I only know Christensen on behalf of Chelsea now and in the future.“ Later, Conti insisted that Louis did not enter the list tactical rotation, he will appear in the team’s starting list. But if Lewis were to be cut in this, he could become the original skeletonist of Condor and Matic who was cut down by Conti. Last season, Sun Hing-kuo scored a total of 14 goals in the Premier League, but this season he has only scored 2 goals Frederick Gaudreau Jersey, then the goal of the South Korean striker is to get at least the same season this season Number of goals Carter Hutton Jersey. Sun Xingliao said: „Last season, I scored a lot, so the result will naturally improve my expectations of myself. Of course, I absolutely can not think too much about this issue, otherwise my performance on the pitch will certainly be negatively affected Mattias Ekholm Jersey. Mashale Premiership this season only started the first three games, although seven goals in the offensive after scoring 4 goals, but was Manchester United fans in October as the best Mashal on SFR Sports said: „The first game will make It’s easier to play, and when you’re off the bench, the other players are already warm up and fully integrated into the game, and you have to be up and running, and I’d rather start the episode and get more time into the game.

Conte won today

Conte won today, but if Louis is still on the bench in the next couple of weeks, every time Chelsea scored his goal, the camcorder would target the Brazilians, as Terry did in those years. „Soeness said:“ If your team is in a good position Petter Granberg Jersey, how do you do it. But now Chelsea’s situation is not good, on the bench to arrange a 17-year-old Zhongwei  which is obviously unsafe. Louis is not an individual in the locker room, but he may have many allies. In this international competition cycle, the South Korean national team will be held in Suwon, Busan and Colombia, Serbia, two warm-up match, „Tai Chi Tiger“ must hope that 25-year-old Sun Xingtao can score in these two games. Since 2017, South Korea won only one victory in the international competition. Although the team won the World Cup qualification, it is clear that such a result can not satisfy the fans in the country. Sun Hing-kuo made it clear that the more serious the challenge, the more it can inspire his fighting spirit Predators Jerseys. Sun Hing-chan said: „The ability to warm-up match with the strong teams Shop By Player Jersey, which is very helpful to the South Korean team.Although in the game against the weak we can certainly win Barret Jackman Jersey, but also to accumulate a certain degree of confidence, but the World Cup is not weak Brigade, so that’s not much of a warm-up for the South Korean team, and only against the strong team warm-up match, we can really find their own deficiencies, the only way we can continue to progress.

Conti and Mourinho only

Conti and Mourinho only a few yards apart, Stamford Bridge stands the deafening shout „Conti Viktor Stalberg Jersey, Conti“, although only a few seconds, but apparently blue bridge fans have turned Mourinho this one page. The Italians took the 10th place in the Premier League to take the title, and the mess he took over a year ago was due to the ineffectiveness of Mourinho’s lead in the beginning of the season Anthony Bitetto Jersey. In the eyes of fans, Conti is still Blue Bridge hero. For the past six years, Emenalo has headed most of Chelsea’s signings and cleaning efforts and when he left Chelsea Colton Sissons Jersey, he issued a statement, „It was a tough decision, but I believe This is a right decision for me and my family and I am fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented people of the sport and I am very proud of what we have achieved Shea Weber Jersey. In this season’s Champions League, C Lo’s state is still very good, the current 4 scored 6 goals in the Champions League striker standings lead. However, in the La Liga match, the Portuguese star was extremely depressed, after the suspension, he played seven league games, but only scored a goal, but Messi has scored 12 goals in the season start, the king of Real Madrid lost At the starting line, such a story surprising.

Emenello is Conti’s main ally

Emenello is Conti’s main ally, a point that can be seen from a shot after Manchester United against Chelsea. In that game, Conti abandoned the use of David – Louis, Christensen enabled the opening play, which played well, almost killed Lukaku, the game after the end of the game, Emenalo repeatedly hugged grams Listen Sen Ryan Ellis Jersey, we can see, he is condescending Conti. And Mashale also made it clear that he will be used to impress Mourinho: „I believe my strength, I think the coach is also very confident of me, so now depends on me to continue to show good performance, if I can I think I will get more playing time as players want to play Juuse Saros Jersey, although I also contribute to the bench, but I would rather start, when you as a forward and scored, you will be happy I have kicked 2,3 Champions League, I also want to play more. Chelsea in the weekend last war Ryan Johansen Jersey, because of the score behind, Mourinho rare to make Marshal off the bench and did not replace Rushford Colton Sissons Jersey, but Manchester United’s offensive has failed to break the main gate of the team, and now Manchester United has been behind Manchester City leaders 8 points, the title race is not optimistic.